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The B.E. Weekend is a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon program for adults grieving the loss of a love relationship through death, divorce, or separation, who are ready to come to terms with their loss and begin to move forward with their lives. Presented by a team of persons who have suffered the loss of a loved one, they are willing to share their experience to help others. Team members lead participants through a program of presentations, personal private reflection and small group sharing. The B.E. Weekend is the core program and the foundation of the Beginning Experience ministry.

Upcoming BE Weekend:

June 23-25, 2023 in Hankinson, ND.

For more information & application call your BE local area representative:

  • Fargo/Moorhead Bonnie 701-318-0949

  • Fergus Falls at 218-560-1686

  • Grand Forks Msgr. Dan Pilon 701-361-2051 or

  • BE line 701-277-8784 & please leave a message

Beginning Experience of Eastern ND

P.O. Box 608

Fargo, ND 58107

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